Programs -

Providing stand alone Programs covering every area of Standard community Outreach, Womens Empowerment, Sustainable and/or Green Technology for Low/No Income Communities.Professional Mentors supervise programs. We offer free Individual Education and Organizational Training and Implementation. For Example: Renewable Energy Installations, Waste Managment work with Homeless, Womens Renewable Energy vocational training, Childrens After School Programs and Standard Vocational Training are some of the things we do.Power Of Green L.A. established the Green Panthers as a Youth Run Organization thats main function is to interest Youth in Sustainability in their own "language."working alongside VOLUNTEER MINISTERS we are able to reach out more to those in need.


Sustainable Agriculture GREEN VILLAGE PROGRAM

Creating Food Supply & Distribution within a Community

Both Permanant & Portable including training on Aqua Ponics and Permaculture.


Renewable Energy Education & Installation

Both for Stationary & Mobile use.

Sustainable BuildingGREEN HOMES FOR ALL

Learning to build planet friendly & for low/no income

Both for Stationary & Mobile Living.

Childrens Green ProgramsFUTURE IS NOW PROGRAM

Fun, Exciting & Empowering programs for Children

Includes hands-on "games" creating sustainable energy & things. Theatrical programs for educational enjoyment. Music Making using Solar Power.

Community Organization TrainingBUILDING COMMUNITIES

Program featuring easy to apply programs

Any Community Organization or Group can be swifly trained to deliver basic Sustainable/Green programs immediately.

Green Media & EntertainmentHIP HOP GREEN & CO

Green Panthers & Power Of Green World

Green Panthers X is the first Solar Powered Music Record Label in the world. Our Professional Mentors Power Of Green World, are the only full service Green Entertainment & Marketing Organization in the world. The Company was set up to support and Mentor people on our programs. It is a truly sustainable business model and creative approach to Green.

Waste & Recycle ManagementCREATIVE WASTE

Waste can be fun, no really.

We have a great program for educating others on how Waste can be handled creating extremely sanitary conditions and also be used to UPCYCLE. For example: DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN MAKE SPEAKERS FROM TRASH?.

Health & WellnessFOOD FOR LYFE!

A wide range of programs delivered by our affiliated Organizations

Everything from how to grow & eat healthy. Natural Medicine and much more.



Power Of Green Mentor Engineers & Designers are always working on new combinations and configuration of Green Tech with special attention to NRG. Cutting edge designs can be taught, free of charge to anyone from the ground up.


Build response for an Emergency from the Inside Out

Helping Communities build their own Emergency Response Groups with the addtion of using sustainable practices. Mobile Renewable Energy, Mobile Eco building and Mobile Waste Management are just a few things that can make our communities more confident during a Crisis.

Sustainable Homeless?A NEW CONCEPT PROGRAM

Reducing the Stigma

Some of Power Of Green Mentors have been working with homeless for many years and have integrated educating and helping to facilitate new jobs and lives for many.


An answer to Urban School Programs reduction

We have created a very easy program to facilitate green programs for schools. Not only do we have a strong curriculum but can help the school create a Volunteer pool to deliver. These are Free Programs at no cost to them.

URBAN GREEN YOUTH COALITIONSustainable Activities for up to 25

Activities & Events aimed at increasing Awareness

If you like to get loud, this is for you.

Sustainable HomesteadingCREATING A NEW COMMUNITY

Getting the most out of spaces

How to build a sustainable community or individual Homestead totally Sustainable andlow cost.