Green Panthers Youth Group is Collective of Young Artists, Scientists & Community Volunteers participating in programs that enrich & empower our communities.

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We believe it is possible to work together and reduce poverty & hardship for our communities and the organizations that work so hard to maintain & support them.

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A part of our mission is to train & empower local organizations to better fullfil their part of Community Support & Emergency Response. The application of Green Science/NRG to this activity is vital for community improvements & fast response.Read More

Our Mission

"In a few decades, the relationship between the environment, resources and conflict may seem almost as obvious as the connection we see today between human rights, democracy and peace." - Wangari Maathai

Inner City Community Organizations needs are growing and resources to deliver valuable solutions are greatly needed. Electric Bills, Lack of staff, free programs and much more is needed. A coalition of Community, Musician groups & Sustainable Education Organizations have created a free "suitcase" program that any organization can implement right way. Free Programs include Health & Wellness - Community Gardens, Renewable Energy Education and Clean Technology Vocational Training- renewable NRG & Urban Gardens for Familes, Individuals and whole communities and Emergency Response.. It's organized so that even someone who knows nothing about any of these subjects can start to deliver it immediatly. The program also offers support in delivering the program virtually and have access to Green Technology Education & Job Placement. Specialized programs for children include hands on Sustainable projects, education and Entertainment driven exciting presentations & projects to enhance their interest and understanding in Sustainable Living.

REAL Examples of need: A birthing clinic in America where the Electrical grid is faulty and the short term power outages are weekly! - A Community Organization without program funding. - A School which does not have the necessary trained volunteers or staff to teach Sustainable Programs & Green Science - A 30 year old vocational training center in Chicago, closing due to lack of funds to re-train electricians back into the workforce - Homeless Service Organization which cannot handle the traffic and are in need of new structural repairs & solutions to Homeless family housing. For example, there are only a few large entities that attend to this, like Habitat For Humanity Organization, but every community should have a micro project in this model. Renewable Energy & other Green Sciences are vital for this program.